2 Year Employment Contract Sample


Signing or breaking the employment contract between the employee and the employer is considered legally valid when it is done in accordance with certain legal procedures. For this reason, both parties should be careful and meticulous about this issue. Most of the disagreements between the employer and the employee arise within the scope of the employment contract. If you are looking for a 2 year employment contract sample and want to learn more about employment contracts, we recommend that you read this article to the end.

The employment contract shows the interdependence between the Employer and the worker. It is a type of contract in which the employer is obliged to pay a price in return for the worker’s labor and the worker has a certain job obligation to the employer. In order for these agreements to be legally valid, they are not required to be subject to a specific form. However, those who will write an employment contract for the first time would like to see some examples in this regard. The 2 year employment contract sample we share in this article can help our visitors in this regard. You can also edit the 2 year contracts we share as a 1-year employment contract or a multi-year employment contract.

How to Write an Employment Contract?

The employer and employee, who come together for an employment contract that is not based on certain conditions, become legally valid if they include the following articles in the employment contract:

Employee and employer identities
Health report, criminal record and educational status of the worker
Contract start date
Information on working hours and Working Conditions
The amount to be paid by the employer to the employee for the work in question
Signatures of the employee and employer

Contract for Employment Sample

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As we mentioned above, there is no specific condition or form for employment contracts. The important thing is to specify the obligations and rights of both the employer and the employee. After the legal procedures required for the contract to gain legal validity, the agreement gains the legality. Big companies prepare the employment contract with the human resources department.  On the other hand, individual employers prepare employment contracts themselves. The Contract for Employment Samples we share are designed to be editable for anyone.

Breaking a Two-Year Employment Contract

One of the things that should be known about 2-year employment contracts is how the employment contract is broken. Due to the deterioration of the relationship between the employee and the employer or the completion of the work in a shorter time than the estimated time, the parties may break the agreement before the date specified in the employment contract.In these cases, the employer or employee may break the employment contract by providing justified reasons in line with the relevant articles of the Labor Law. The breaking the employment contract by the employer can be based on justified reasons, or it can be done by the method of resignation.

How to Break an Employment Contract for Health Reasons

The Labor Law regulates the employee’s right to terminate the employment contract based on justified reasons.  According to this regulation, the worker may terminate the employment contract before the expiry of the term of the employment contract or without waiting for the termination notice period of the employment contract.

If the performing the work in the employment contract creates a dangerous situation for the health and life of the worker due to the nature of the work, the worker can immediately use the right of termination. If the employer or another worker with whom the worker has a close and direct contact regularly falls ill with an infectious or other disease incompatible with the worker’s job, the worker may use his right to terminate with just cause according to the employment contract.

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