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Canada, which is the second largest country in the world in terms of surface area, is located in the northernmost part of the America Continent. The longest land border in the world is the common border between the United States of America and Canada. Canada’s capital is Ottawa and its largest city is Toronto. There are two official languages in Canada; It is in English and French. The currency used in the country is the Canadian Dollar. After this general information about Canada, you can find detailed information about Canda visa and application form visitor visa Canada in the rest of this article.

Canada Application for Visitor Visa

The first thing you need to do to apply for a Canadian visa is to decide for what purpose you will go to this country. Canada visa types vary according to the purpose of travel of the person who will apply for the visa. The Canadian Embassy rejects visa applications that are not suitable for the purpose of travel.

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People who want to visit a relative or friend residing in Canada should apply for a Family/Friends Visit visa, and those whose purpose of travel is tourism should apply for a Canadian Tourist visa. The types of Canadian visa are as follows:

Canada Tourist Visa
Canada Business Visa
Canada Family/Friend Visiting Visa
Canada Transit Visa
Canadian Student Visa
Canadian Residence Permit
Canadian Citizenship
Canada Visa Validity Period

How to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa Online

Those who want to travel to Canada must determine the types of visas according to their travel purposes. They complete their visa applications by making an Online Application from Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) site after completing the form completely and correctly, and depositing the visa fee on the website. They can also Canada Application for Visitor Visa procedures and visa applications through authorized visa centers. The Canadian Embassy and Canadian Consulate are the institutions that have the authority to approve visa applications.

You can facilitate your application process by editing the application forms for visitor visa to Canada that we share in this section.

Canada Visa Validity Period

Persons applying for a visa to the Canadian Embassy receive a Canadian visa according to the visa type. Therefore, the validity period of a Canadian visa varies according to the visa type. Canada gives the right to stay in Canada for up to 6 months to the person who has tourist, business, family/friend visit visas. Persons whose stay is longer than 6 months must apply for a long-term visa. Persons who want to stay in Canada for a long time for reasons such as education or work must obtain a residence permit or work permit.

You can get consultancy services from authorized visa centers for the Canadian visa, which must be applied according to the length of stay and the purpose of travel. The person can report his/her status for the list of documents changing according to the visa type. He/She can get detailed information about the Canadian visa application process.

Canada Visa Application Forms and Other Required Documents

Passport: The passport must not be older than 10 years and the validity date of the passport must also cover 3 months after your return. In addition, the last 2 pages of the passport must be blank.

Canada Visa Application Form: You must fill in completely and accurately in English. The Canada Application Form may differ depending on the visa type.

Photograph: 2 biometric photographs taken within the last 6 months. The biometric photograph should be 35×45 mm in size, have a white background and your face shape should be fully visible.

Identity card of the country of your citizenship.

Criminal Record / Letter of Intent: You should write it in English in your own words stating the purpose of going to Canada and what you will do when you go.

Invitation Letter: A document sent by a person or institution in Canada.

Health Insurance: Persons who will travel to Canada must attach a document showing that they have an International Travel Health Insurance to their visa documents.

Bank account information and movements.

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