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Law is subject to some changes over time depending on the expectations of the society and other developments.  Over time, there are some changes in the constitutions or laws of the countries in order to increase the welfare of the society and to ensure justice in the society. Responsibilities for changing or revising laws may vary from country to country. Because revision of laws in different state management systems may be the duties of different persons or ministries. One of these developments is the curative petition. Curative petition is a new concept in the Indian justice system.

Curative Petition Meaning

You may ask this question: “What is a curative petition?”  citizens outside the legal system may not know the its  meaning. Because this term is new in the legal system.  It is the last and final remedy by which any complaint that is not normally heard in a public. The main purpose of the petition is to prevent the court decisions from beating a great right before the execution of the court decisions.

The origin of this kind of petition is not very old. A court in 2002 rejects a petition for review in the case. The question of whether an aggrieved person is entitled to any redress against the final decision/order of the Supreme Court is the origin of this petition.

Curative Petition Article is based on Article 137 of the Indian Constitution. This petition seeks to correct errors in a court’s final decisions. In other words, it is the last stage of seeking rights in any lawsuit or requesting correction of decisions.

Curative Petition Sample

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Filling the this petition has some official rules like any other official document. Since it  is one of the last steps of a lawsuit to seek justice, you should be careful while filling it out. In the petition, you must explain the parts of the petition that you think there has been a violation that the court has made wrong decisions. This petition should be persuasive, full of evidence and written in a clear language.

You can review the curative petition samples in our post and make the necessary edits if you have not written it before, fill out your own petition and submit it to the court.

Advantages of Curative Petitions

– This type of petition prevents judges from making biased decisions.
– For a person who is not heard in court, in court hearings, it is the last stage of hearing.
– It prevents any mistake that may arise in the procedure  or in the explanation of the judgment.

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