Do Petitions Work?


Filing a petition is one of the most natural rights of citizens. Petitions are specified in the constitutions of countries. Therefore, petition writing is a legal right. It is useful not to talk as if no one or any group is granting you the right to petition. People cannot be prosecuted for the petition they submit. This is one of their most natural rights. The most frequently asked question about petitions is “Do petitions really work?”

You are always free to fill out a petition as no one can interfere with your right to petition. However, the important thing is to submit the right petition to the right authorities. In other words, you should give detailed information about your requests in your petition and submit it to the right authority. It will work if you have submitted your petition to the right place.

How to Write Petitions?

There are some petition writing rules that you must follow to ensure that your petition is worth reading to the relevant authority.

– You should write your petition on A4 plane paper. Half paper should not be used. Do not write on the back of the paper, if necessary, a second paper should be used.

-Write your petition with a computer, typewriter or fountain pen. Do not use colored pens other than ballpoint pens and blue and black ink pens.

– Start your question/request by expressing whichever institution it concerns.
– The place and date must be specified.
– The language of the petition must be serious, official and respectful.
– You should express your situation or wishes in a short and clear way.
– Filing a petition is a constitutional right. However, these documents should not contain any illegal requests or complaints.
– Filing a petition does not mean that every wish and demand will come true.
– Hierarchy is important. If you want to submit a petition in the form of a series, you must correctly list the authorities in your petition. You can correctly sort the petitions from the bottom to the top.
-If it is aimed to inform the higher authority on a subject, “…I present the situation to your information.”, If the higher authority is asked to solve a problem or initiate a transaction, “I respectfully submit it.”
-Pay attention to spelling and punctuation rules
– The petitioner must indicate his name, surname and full address.

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