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Greenpeace is an environmental non-governmental organization. Concentrates its work on issues such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues. Greenpeace uses the “direct action” method to achieve its goal. If you witness an environmental threat in any region, you can notify Greenpeace. Greenpeace fights many environmental threats in more than 40 countries. They sue for environmental problems and threats to natural life. In these cases, they write petitions known as greenpeace petition. The Greenpeace petition has certain criteria.

Is Greenpeace Still Active?

When we visit, we can see that Greenpeace continues its activities. Greenpeace is still one of the biggest organizations that try to prevent and find solutions to global and environmental environmental problems all over the world.

Many people ask, “Is greenpeace legit?” he asks because of their active actions. It can intervene in events without obtaining permission for some urgent actions while Greenpeace takes permission for most of its actions.

Greenpeace Petition Samples

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Greenpeace Petition Plastic

Greenpeace struggles with the use and waste of plastic as in many other fields. In this struggle, he sends a greenpeace petition plastic to many official institutions and private companies. These petitions they send can usually be related to the quality and weight of the plastic products they use from institutions. Green Peace can also file a lawsuit with the Greenpeace petition plastic or document that it has warned the defendants as a petition.

The Greenpeace petition plastic we shared under this title may not be exactly the petition you are looking for. But it can be a guide for you to create a good Greenpeace petition.

Greenpeace France Petition

As we mentioned above that Greenpeace operates in more than 40 countries. One of these countries is France. Greenpeace creates a petition for reasons such as reporting, punishing and warning those who harm the environment.

The petition written for an environmental issue in France,is called as Greenpeace France petition. This petition is filled in accordance with the French regulations. The greenpeace petition we share is a general petition. You can edit the petition according to your country.

Greenpeace UK Petition

The Greenpeace UK Petition we share is a stub. This template may not know exactly what you want. This draft is subject to change according to the laws of your own country and you may modify it according to the laws of your own country.

Is Greenpeace a Non-Profit?

Greenpeace is an international environmental organization working to protect the environment and natural life. Greenpeace uses direct action, lobbying and research to achieve its goals. The global organization does not accept donations from governments, corporations and political parties, relying on its 2.9 million individual supporters and foundation grants.

Is Greenpeace legit?

Some people who want to become Greenpeace volunteers will first ask “Is Greenpeace legit?” Greenpeace carries out all the actions it organizes according to the legal procedures of that country. The organisation never wants any person or organization to be harmed.

Greenpeace Sign Petition

One of the most preferred actions by Greenpeace is the Greenpeace sign petition. The Greenpeace sign petition is one of the calmest and safest actions of the organization. Apart from this, the organization also carries out petition activities such as greenpeace petition arctic, greenpeace petition bees, greenpeace petition ocean and greenpeace petition whale.

Visit  for samples of Greenpeace petitions and our actions.

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