Guardianship Petition New York


Before answering questions such as how to write Guardianship Petition New York, who is appointed as guardian, let’s first give information about what guardianship is and the petition for guardianship. Guardianship is regulated as a protective institution in the context of private law, to which minors and restricted persons who are not subject to guardianship will be subject. The best way to protect the rights of minors is guardianship.

If you live in New York, filing a petition for guardianship new york for your minor is the first step you need to take. In its most basic sense, guardianship is known as the appointment of a guardian. The person seeking guardianship of the minor submits a guardianship petition to the court, and after the court determines that he or she has this right, it appoints the petitioner as guardian.

How to File Guardianship Petition New York

Guardianship forms may differ from each other according to the types of guardianship and according to the states. Therefore, this is the petitioner’s responsibility to choose correctly and fill out each state’s will.

Guardianship is a protective institution in the context of private law, to which minors and restricted persons. The aim of this institution is to protect the interests of those who are not qualified for this and to represent them on their behalf.

Guardianship Petition Form

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Download the file under this title, if you want to fill in the guardianship form for your minor. It is very easy to fill out the form. But make sure you fill it out completely and accurately.

What are the types of guardianship?

Although the guardianship petition differs between states, the types of guardianship are generally the same. In this part of our post, we answer the question of what are the types of guardianship.

Natural Guardian (NG): A Natural Guardian is a person who takes care of the minor and takes care of his property because of the blood relation.

Testamentary Guardianship: He/She is the person appointed by the natural guardian’s will. These guardians replace the Natural Guardian after his death.

Legal Guardian: A Legal Guardian is a person appointed by the Court for the Welfare of the minor and his/her property. Legal guardianship means that a court grants someone other than the biological parent the right to care for a minor.

Ad hoc Guardian: Ad-hoc means temporary. When a person acts as the guardian of the minor for certain purposes, he is known as a temporary guardian. This guardian cannot legally represent the person.

Who can be appointed as guardian?

Parents can be appointed as guardians for children who are separated from their parents due to many reasons such as death, divorce and legal separations. After the death of both parents, blood relatives can fill in a guardianship petition for a minor. The court may appoint that person as a guardian.

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