i 693 form 2022


I 693 Form 2022 is one of the official documents prepared by USCIS for citizens. This document is a form for reporting the results of any medical examination to USCIS. Applicants who wish to receive immigration aid must first prove that they qualify. This requirement is one of the public health reasons.

USCIS Medical uses exam results for immigration applications and benefits. The results of the examination are among the confidential information of the individuals.

Steps to Fill I-693 Form 2022

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If you want to fill out the i-693 form 2022 completely and accurately, you can make a checklist for yourself. We have created a sample checklist for you. If you wish, you can follow these steps while filling out the form.

1.Download the i-693 form and i-693 instructions, which we shared in the title below, to your device. Read the i-693 form instructions carefully before you start filling out the form. Even read the FAQ section of that document.

  1. Contact a civil surgeon designated by USCIS to make an appointment.
  2. Complete Part 1 of the form. But do not sign this section until your doctor tells you to.
  3. Go to your medical examination appointment and any necessary follow-up examinations.
  4. Your civil surgeon will give you Form I-693. Submit this document to USCIS. However, this document will be in a sealed envelope. Do not agree to receive forms with open envelopes. Request a sealed envelope from your doctor.
  5. Send the completed the form in the sealed envelope to USCIS. Dont forget that Form I-693 must be dated no earlier than 60 days from your application. Form I-693,fully completed and submitted on time, are valid for two years on time.

How to File i 693 Form 2022

If you have not filled out the i 693 Form in previous years, you may feel inexperienced in this regard. However, this form is not a very difficult document to fill out. For our visitors who will fill out this form, we have shared the i 693 instructions PDF as well as the documents we shared below. So you won’t have any problem to fill out the I-693 Form 2022.

This form, like other forms, is an official document. Therefore, the petitioner must fill in the required sections correctly. Otherwise, the processing time may take longer.

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