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To apply for independent candidacy, the candidate must first fill out an independent nominating petition in New York. In this article, we give information about the independent nominating petition. In addition, if you want to fill out such a petition and you do not know where to download the petition sample, you can download the petition samples in our article. You can easily fill out your petition with the independent nominating petition samples we shared in our article.

What is a Nominating Petition?

It is a kind of a formal written application in order to request a certain number of Connecticut registered voters to place persons on the states election ballot. This is application is referred to by
many as third party or independent candidacies. In other words, an independent nominating petition is one of the most natural wishes of the electorate.

New York State Independent Nominating Petitions

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As in every type of petition, there are some rules for filing a nominating petition. The most important of these rules is to fill the petition correctly. The petitioner undertakes the accuracy of any information he/she writes in his/her petition. You can fill out any of the petition samples we shared under this title by downloading and editing them.

Independent Nominating Petition

There are some rules to know about Independent Nominating Petition. These rules are important to achieve fair and transparent election results. This petition is subject to New York State electoral law.

BOE has a list of approved graphic symbols that can be obtained with: petition package

Election date (general). November 2, 2021

The name of the candidate and the office or position sought.

Candidates’ domicile and, if different, postal address.

Information about the signatory: date of signing, domicile and city of the voter.

Information about the person who witnessed the signatures.

All signatures will be signed in ink.

Bleaching is not allowed in any petition.

The voter only needs to sign the appropriate line on the petition. All other information can be filled in by someone else. Any editable information in the signature line. Corrections or changes in date or date signature must be initiated by the person making the correction.

We hope that can help you fill out your petition completely. If you want to get detailed information about this petition or other petition samples, please contact us.

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