Letter 6475


One of the documents that taxpayers should know about is Letter 6475. The IRS sends this document to taxpayers. You can find detailed information about letter 6475 from this article. The information you read in this article will help you during the tax payment period.

IRS Letter 6475 is the official tax records of 2021 citizens’ economic impact payments (EIP). This letter contains your personal information and your IRS calculated EIP amount. So, 6475 letter from IRS is an official informative document for taxpayers. The IRS sends this document to taxpayers.

IRS Letter 6475

This Letter “Your Third Economic Impact Payment” provides information about the amount of stimulus money you received in 2021 with additional payments. IRS sent it in late January to all citizens who received the third round of stimulus money.

Letter 6475 Sample

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If you haven’t received letter 6475 from IRS before, you may not know about its appearance. Check out the sample letter 6475 we shared under this title and have a look at what is it like. So you don’t throw the letter that comes to your address and you understand what it is.  By reviewing the sample letter, you will also learn what information is in it. Some of the information you need for your tax refund process is available in this document.

The EIP isn’t thought to be taxable income;  but citizens who are missing a stimulus payment, or got less than the full amount, may be eligible to claim a recovery rebate credit (RRC) on their 2020 or 2021 federal tax return.

How to Receive Letter 6475

You may not have received or lost letter 6475 from the IRS due to different reasons. You don’t need to worry about this. Because you can see letter 6475 online. You can see the information in the letter sent to your address under the Tax Records page in online account. Log into your online account and review the IRS letter 6475 online. That is all.

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