Letter from VA Evidence Intake Center


If you have received a letter from va evidence intake center, you may be doing some research on this subject. In this article, you will find detailed information about this type of letter. Before we mention about this letter, it would be better to know something about what Evidence Intake Center (EIC) is.

What is the Evidence Intake Center?

EIC is a central mail processing centre. This center is for collecting disability compensation claims. Citizens can submit documents related to VA forms, claims, and appeals to the EIC as follows:

Medical evidence
Applications for disability compensation
Service Records
Statements that support or prove your claim
Other information about your request or objection

The Evidence Intake Center is one of the new organizations in the VA claim processing system. Thanks to this organization, many processes such as obtaining and evaluating evidence are more practical and take less time.

EIC accepts, processes, and evaluates documents and evidences specifically related to disability claims, not other VA programs. When we think that time is very important for the disabled, we can say that this organization is a very practical and useful application for them. Citizens with disabilities can mail or fax documents to the EIC as part of the application or appeal process.

What is a VA Evidence Intake letter?

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If you want to know about the VA Evidence Intake letter, you can review the sample letters.

The VA Evidence Intake Center letter is a document from the EIC. If the EIC has sent you a letter, it is about your case or changes in VA procedure. If your VA disability appeal process begins, you can get  letters from the Evidence Intake Center. This is normal and should happen.  This process may take longer than you expect to finalize your case. You don’t need to worry about this. Because it takes time to collect the necessary evidence and documents.

The mail processing workflow in EIC can be divided into 8 main steps:

1-Request is Taken: First, the Evidence Intake Center receives a veteran’s claim and relevant evidence.
2- Letter Logged and Prepared: EIC employees sort and archive mail by document type.
3- Digitizing the Mail: The sorted mail and documents will be scanned and digitized to prepare for VBMS uploading.
4- Image processing / Indexing: After the mail is scanned, it is processed and indexed. Indexing is important for accountability and quality assurance.
5- Document Creation : The document writing phase of the process consists of sequencing the information contained in each document. EIC staff know about 300 different protocols for different types of documents.
6- Independent VA Quality Assurance: In addition to the EIC staff, there is an independent team of VA quality assurance auditors. This team oversees the work of the Image Processors/Indexers and Document Typers.
7- Digital File Sent to the Regional Office: When steps 1-6 are complete, the Evidence Intake Center uploads the digital file set to the Portal of the related Regional Office.
8- Stored Paper Copies: Son olarak, printed copies of the documents are stored after the Evidence Intake Center uploads the digital files to the relevant Regional Office

Why did I receive a letter from the VA Evidence Intake Center?

Evidence Intake center do not send you a letter for one reason only. You can get a letter from the VA Evidence Intake Center for many different reasons. For example:

Decision about your compensation claim
Request for additional information
Information about other compensation rights

You may be worried if you have received mail from the EIC, but it may be good to read the result of your request with this.

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