Petition for Succession Certificate


Certificate of Succession is also known as the certificate of inheritance. It is a document that shows who is the heir at what rate. The certificate of inheritance is the proof of how much inheritance the inheritor gave to which heir after his death. In this post, we explain how and by whom this document can be received, how to file petition for succession certificate. There is also a petition format for succession certificate in this article. You can download it and fill in the information according to you.

We recommend that you read this issue, which is important for the heirs. Because there can be problems in practice. Certificate of Succession shows the title of heir of the persons who are determined to be legal heirs.

This document proves the inheritance. Both the person requesting the certificate of succession and all other heirs have the right of inheritance and inheritance shares in this document.

Sample Petition for Succession Certificate

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Heirs get the title of heir after the death of the inheritor. A certificate of succession is issued because the title of heirship must be documented in order to carry out some transactions. The person can only prove that he is the heir of the died person with this document. This document is the most important document required both for the sharing of inheritances and other official affairs of died deceased. In order to learn many information such as inheritance sharing, debts of the deceased, subscriptions, the heir must have this document. The registry officer does not register on behalf of the heirs without a certificate of inheritance. Another example is the heir cannot make any transactions in the bank regarding the money inherited without this document.

Heirs do not have to issue a certificate of inheritance in order to gain the title of heir. As it is seen, if they want to do many transactions or if they need to prove their inheritance rights against third parties, they must submit this document.

How to Get Succession Certificate

The heirs can receive this document when the inheritor dies  when the court decides that the inheritor has disappeared, they can get this document Not everyone can request a certificate of succession. They have the right to claim with the person who has the right of inheritance. Persons who do not have the right to inherit cannot request a certificate of inheritance. This is one of the first documents requested in court proceedings due to possible disputes between the heirs.

Consulting an expereinced  inheritance attorney will provide a healthier and shorter result.

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