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Retirement is the dream of almost everyone who works. Many people who have reached the age of pension plan for retirement. They dream of what they will do with the pension and bonus they will receive. The first step to retirement is to file the petition for petition.  One of the most important issues that people close to their retirement days wonder about is the petition state pension age.

Is the Pension Age Changing?

According to the current regulation, the state Ppension age is 66. Legislation sets two additional increases: a gradual increase to 67 for those born in or after April 1960; and a gradual increase to 68 between 2044 and 2046 for those born in or after April 1977.

Petition to Lower Pension Age

Citizens demand a lower retirement age due to difficult living conditions and weakening of people’s working power. An individual petition can be submitted for this. Unions can organize a petition campaign for a lower retirement age job.  In addition, some citizens with special status can submit a petition to lower pension age.

In order to  move the state pension age back to 60 petition, citizens many can organize campaigns on the internet. These may be reasons for an earlier retirement age, such as the person’s health status, disability at work, work accident, disability.

Women’s State Pension Age

If you are a working woman and you think there is little time left for your retirement, you can calculate the pension age. The tables we share give you information about when you can retire. Remember that regulations regarding retirement age are going on. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the up-to-dateness of our tables. These data are the applications valid on the date shared by our post.

Move the State Pension Age Back to 60 Petition

Citizens organize online campaigns in order to move the state pension age back to 60 so they wonder whether petition to lower state pension age campaigns initiated by unions and citizens will yield positive results. Many of them use social media in order to sign petition to lower state pension age.

If you are at the age of retirement. You need to know basic information about which documents will be compulsory. Your pension application will have the information and documents as following

-Your national insurance number (and partner’s, if you have one)

-Proof of your identity (for example, your passport, birth certificate or driving licence)

-Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate.

-Divorce certificate or civil partnership dissolution certificate.

-Details of your employment.

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