Petition to Revoke Probation


Probation refers to the completion of the execution of the sentence in the community under surveillance and supervision, instead of the execution of the sentence in the prison. In this process, the guilty person completes his sentence without being imprisoned. In the criminal record of someone who is on probation, a crime appears to have been committed. In other words, a person is not considered innocent, only the way he is punished is different from staying in prison. When the offender fails to comply with the probation provisions, a petition to revoke probation is filed for him. Then, , if the probation order given about the person is not complied with, the prison sentence given is partially or completely executed depending on the type of court decision.

What is the cancellation of the probation procedure?

A probation revocation is an event in which a person revokes a probation sentence and executes a jail sentence.  For this event, the court must prove one or more probation violations. Revocation of probation occurs when a defendant is on probation for a criminal matter and violates a term or condition of a probationary sentence.

If you receive a petition to revoke probation, it means that you did not complete a condition of your probation within the time your Judge or probation officer gave you. This court date is the time for you to explain to the Judge why you did not do your obligations.

There are violations on the first page of the petition. You must complete the conditions listed. If you can complete all conditions that are past due before the court date, bring them to the probation office. If you have completed everything, come to the court on the day of the court. If there are no special circumstances, you have to go to court.

You can give all kinds of information and documents related to your case to your Probation Officer in the courtroom. Make sure you bring everything you need for your case. It is very important that you bring your documents with you to court. You must submit the paperwork in person. It is not the responsibility of your counselor, community service organization, parent, spouse or anyone else.

What happens when probation is revoked?

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If the court cancels the probation, the person receives a prison sentence. The person must present everything he needs to the court in a complete and error-free manner in order to defend himself in the best way in this annulment case. Of course, completing all of these does not mean that they will not be penalized.

What types of probation violations can lead to revocation?

The judge will release the defendant, but he will place terms and conditions on that release. These conditions will apply during the trial period. Common probation include some terms.

The person must;
not to commit another crime,
meet regularly with a probation officer,
submit to a drug test,
pay victim compensation,
comply with a restraining order,
maintain stable employment or school enrollment.
do public service,
participate in  psychological support services

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