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Real Id is very practical for an easy identification check on your flights in the United States in a short time. If you do not have a Real ID, apply now. If you do not know how to get real id, we recommend you to read this article to the end. Application Form filling is the most important part of real id. Before you can fill out  the real id application you will need to sign in your dmv account. If you do not have a dmv account youu need to create a dmv account on the same link by clicking the “create an account” button.  When you complete this step, you are ready to apply for a real id.

After creating you account, you need to check the appropriate transaction. If you want to have a real id driver’s licence or identification card, you must choose ID or driver licnce option. After this step you will need to give your personal information such as first name, second name, last name, suffix. After filling your personal information, the step is to ask the question “What would you like to do today?”

What documents do I need for REAL ID in California?

If you want to become a Real ID CA, there are some documents you need to collect. The most important of these documents is proof of identity. For your proof of identity, you must submit at least one of the documents we share below. The documents valid for real id are as follows.

-Valid U.S. passport or passport card (Preferred)

-Original or Certified copy of U.S birth certificate (issued by a city, county, or state vital statistics office). “Abbreviated” or “Abstract” certificates are NOT accepted.

-Valid Permanent Resident Card

-Foreign passport with valid U.S. Visa and approved I-94 form

-Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of U.S. Citizenship

-Certified copy of birth certificate from a U.S. Territory

-Valid Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card (I-766) or valid/expired EAD Card with Notice of Action (I-797 C)

-Valid Permanent Resident Card with Notice of Action (I-797 C) or Approval Notice (I-797)

-U.S. Certificate of Birth Abroad or Consular Report of Birth Abroad of U.S. Citizen

-Valid foreign passport stamped “Processed for I-551”

-Documents reflecting TPS benefit eligibility

Note that you must submit at least one of these documents.

A Real ID license is marked in the top right corner with an image of a gold bear with a star in California  .

Your ID will be sent to you by e-mail 3-4 weeks after you apply for Real ID. If you have received your Real ID after 60 days call us at 1-800-777-0133.

How long does it take to get a REAL ID in California 2022?

One of the most curious issues about Real ID is how long this program will last, as well as the discomfort. In such situations, you should always feel alone.  As we mentioned above, it could take about 2 months for real ids to reach you. While making your Real ID CA application, you can also get the real id checklist on the official site.

How to get Real ID CA

To summarize, the real id ca application includes 3 basic steps. Here are the steps;
1. Gather your documents.
2.Complete the application online and upload your documents
3.Visit A DMV Office
4. I hope you don’t have any problems with your Application Form.


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