60 Days in Application Form 2022


One of the most interesting shows on A&E TV is 60 Days in. The program has attracted the attention of the audience since its first season. From the first season, the audience watches every episode of the program with great curiosity and excitement. They have watched 6 seasons of the program so far. Each part of the program is a subject of excitement and curiosity.

Another issue that is wondered by the viewers is the application to the show. Many people who want to participate in the program do not have knowledge or idea about how to apply for 60 days in. The first requirement to apply for the program is 60 Days in Application Form 2022. If you go to the official website of a&e for the form, you will see that they are not casting for now. Of course, this is true for the date we wrote this article.

It is not yet known when the casting for 2022 will be announced. However, we will provide information on how to apply for 60 days in, based on our knowledge from previous seasons.

How to Apply 60 Days in a&e

If you want to join a unique adventure and have millions of people watch your adventure, 60 days in may be a suitable show program for you. However, being chosen among thousands of adventurers and participating in the program is not easy. For this, you must first visit the official website of a&e TV and fill out the 60 days in application for 2022 form is on the page. However, we see that at the time we published this post, they were not casting on the television’s website. That’s why we can’t share any application form. However, when this application form is published, you will be able to see it on our website. Our editors will try to add the form to the site as soon as it is published.

Filling the 60 Days in Application Form 2022 a&e is definitely not enough for 60 days in application. After your application form is reviewed, the authorities will conduct a preliminary interview with you. You will need to express yourself effectively in this interview. If you have an interesting life story, we can say that you have a good chance of participating in the program. Because the show is a show show and people will not only be interested in your performance on the show, they will also be interested in who you are.


  1. I would like to audition for 60 days in I can be an alternate I have done fed time and I am a older gentleman tattooed up with long hair people attract to me I can get the info you’re looking for..
    Again I’m ready to travel anytime anywhere I live in Oklahoma I’m in the medical marijuana cultivation business that would be a great cover just say I’m cruising across country delivering some pounds any questions they have about the cultivation I have all the answers so my cover would never be blown I can be an alternate now 2022 are ready 2023 2024 again I’m an older gentleman I’m 61 but I’m in perfect health I take no medication so you wouldn’t have to worry about giving me medication everyday 580-760-1167

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