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If you live in Utah and have to renew your license here, we share some rules and information you need to know in this article. We should state at the beginning of our article that this information is the current rules and laws valid at the time of writing this article. We do not know when you will read this article. Therefore, it will be good for you to check the information on the site we will share. As can be understood from the title of our post, when you search the search engines in the form of dld.utah.gov Renewal Application Form, you can reach the relevant site. The page at dld.utah.gov will open.  On the page that opens, you will see 3 buttons. These buttons are “Renew Your License”, “Renew your State ID” and “Change Your ID”.

Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment to Renew My Driver License?

This is one of the frequently asked questions of citizens who want to renew their license. If you want to renew your license in Utah, you must schedule an appointment. Now the question in your mind is “How do I schedule an appointment to renew my license?” is not it?  Don’t worry, scheduling an interview is easy. You can schedule your appointment on dld.utah.gov. You can schedule your appointment online at this address. In order to plan your appointment, some information is requested on the page that opens. This information is your surname, driver’s license number, issue date and PIN.

When you have submit your information, you will be able to have temporary licence/ID card. A PDF file containing your personal DL/ID card information will be automatically downloaded to the computer that you are using. Print this at your own risk.

What Documents Are Required to Renew a Driver’s License?

Another question most frequently asked by citizens who want to renew their license is “What documents do I need to renew my license?” is This is one of the questions asked by drivers living in all cities in the United Nations, not just drivers in Utah.

The documents required to renew the driver license are: dld.utah.gov Renewal Application Form, Proof of Identity, Proof of Lawful Status in the U.S. Proof of Social Security, and Proof of Utah Residency. Do not forget that hotocopies are not allowed.

Driver’s License Renewal Fees

The driver’s license renewal fee in Utah is as follows.

Renewal Class D provisional limited-term license (up to 5 years) $39.00

Lapsed/renewal Class D provisional limited-term license (up to 5 years) $39.00

Duplicate Class D license $23.00

Identification card (5-year) $23.00

Please note that these prices are the license renewal fees as of the date of this post. These fees may change at later dates or may differ from state to state.

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