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In this article, we have prepared an informative post for our blog, apart from the petition examples. We sometimes share informative articles for our visitors in the blog category of our site. This post is one of them. In this post, you can find the answer to the question of what is the C programming language and C programming language samples.  Before sharing the C programming language samples, let’s write the basic information about this programming language.

What is C Programming language?

C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages today. Because of its simplicity, many of those who want to learn software and programming prefer to start with the C programming language. This programming language is also taught as a subject in schools. It has a teaching structure from simple to difficult. Although simple commands are written at the beginning, it is developed over time and contributes to those who want to improve themselves in the field of software and programming.

To understand the C language, it is necessary to know what a programming language is. A programming language is a language that enables communication with the computer. These languages are necessary in order to perform the operations required by computers.

The C programming language is a structured programming language derived from the use of the B language. Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson contributed to the creation of this language. The first operating system developed with the C language is Unix.

How to Learn C Programming Language?

The C programming language, which is in the intermediate language family, is easier to learn than other languages. In order to learn the language in general programming languages, it is necessary to understand the logic of algorithms. When you decide to learn the C language, you must first learn the basic concepts of the language. These basic concepts include data type, loop, function, and commands.

After learning the basic concepts, the application phase starts. For this step, you must first install the necessary programs that can use the C language. A simple Hello World command is the first exercise. It is often the first program written about language in schools. Then, different programs can be developed with data types, commands and variables.

C Programming Language Sample Codes

If you want to learn C programming language, you may need C programming language code samples. You can use them both to learn how to code and to save time. Although the programming language codes are limited by our imagination, we share a few C programming language code examples here.

Sample 1: Code that displays the number received from the user:


int main(void){

int sayi;

printf(“enter a number “);

scanf(“%d”, &number);

printf(“number you entered: %d”, sayi);

return 0;


Sample 2: The code that asks the user for two different numbers and finds the larger of these numbers and shows it on the screen.

#include <stdio.h> int main(void) {  int number1, number2;  printf(“Enter the first number:”);  scanf(“%d”, & number1);    printf(“enter the second number:”);  scanf(“%d”, &sayi2);   if (sayi1 > sayi2)    printf(“Major number %d”, number1);  else    printf(“Major number %d”, number2);  return 0;


Example 3: Code to find whether an integer entered is zero, positive or negative

int main(void) {  int sayi;  printf(“enter a number:”);  scanf(“%d”,& number);  if (number ==0)    printf(“The entered number is zero “);  else if (sayi > 0)    printf(“The entered number is positive “);  else    printf(“The entered number is negative “);  return 0;}

C Program Language Features

– It’s a simple language and helps those who don’t know about programming get the basics.

– It is a safe language compared to other programming languages.

– It is a language that can be developed and new software can be produced. C Java led to the emergence of programming languages such as C#, Javascript, C++ and PHP.

– It allows the computer operations to be done quickly by relying on the programmers for the given commands.

– The basis of the language is the B language.

– C is a modular language. Thanks to this feature, commands can be kept and used at any time.

– It is a language that uses loops. Thanks to these cycles, the computer performs the necessary action when the specified condition occurs. Among the loops used in the program, it makes use of while, then, else, for, if, switch case and do while loops.

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