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The I-9 form is one of the documents that are the responsibility of both the employer and the employee in the USA. This form is also known as employment eligibility verification. There are sections on the form that must be filled by both the employee and the employer. It is likely that the document will be updated every year, and new information will be requested or removed. The document valid for their employment in 2022 is I-9 form 2022. In this article, you can find up-to-date information about this document as well as download and edit the I-9 form 2022 printable.

We write about what the I-9 form is in detail in our I-9 form 2021 printable article.

In this article, instead of giving details about I-9 form 2022, there is information about its sections. We will explain which section is to be filled by whom and how and what is the information in the sections.

Sections of I9 form 2022 Printable Free

I-9 form 2022 is a Printable Free document and is published by USCIS.

Section 1. Employee Information and Attestation is the section that the worker must fill out. He/she must complete this section before the first business day. That is, it is mandatory for the employee to fill out this section before accepting the job. In this section, there is information such as the employee’s name, surname, date of birth, another surname, address, social security number and e-mail address.

Section 2 of the I-9 Form 2022 Employment Eligibility Verification form is required to be completed by the employer. This section also contains the employer’s personal information. In addition, there are three different lists in this section. In each list there are categories according to the status of employers. Whatever status the employer has, marks that section and fills out the document according to this status.

I-9 form 2022 Printable PDF

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If you are an employer or employee, one of the documents you need is the I9 form. If you are going to start or hire someone in 2022, you can download and edit the I9 form 2022 printable from this section.

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