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The first step of the divorce case to end the marriage is the petition for divorce. We both give information about the divorce petition letter and share a petition for divorce example in this post.

What is Petition for Divorce?

A divorce letter is a document that anyone wishing to end a marriage legally must have in order to to apply to the court.  This document must be prepared in filled with no mistakes in order to get favorable results.

The divorce petition can be prepared by one of the spouses or a lawyer who specializes in family law can create the petition. It will be more beneficial in favor of the person due to its importance in terms of the course of the case. The assistance of a lawyer is so important that  any issue that will be ignored in the matters of children and property sharing may cause loss of rights to the parties.

Petition for Divorce Sample

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We show with examples how this petition is written after answering the question “What is petition for divorce?

It can be difficult for you to write a divorce letter in a blank Word document. The divorce petition format that we share in this post helps you to write a complete divorce letter.  Divorce petition drafts can be in different formats from each other. The important thing is that the parties explain exactly what they mean and state what they want.

How to write a divorce petition

 Divorce letter should be about issues such as he reasons for the divorce, the grounds and evidence for the termination of the marriage union, the measure, alimony and compensation.

How to write a divorce petition is actually related to the type of divorce. Divorces are divided into two as uncontested divorce and contested divorce. If you do not know how to write a petition for divorce, you can easily create your divorce petition with the petition for divorce format we share in this post.

It is a divorce case in which both parties make a joint decision on the subject of divorce and its legal consequences. The parties present the agreed divorce protocol to the court showing their agreement. In this protocol, the parties must agree on joint child custody, compensation, property regime, alimony, etc.

Writing an uncontested divorce protocol requires legal knowledge. Therefore, the court may not be processed or the proceedings may take more time in cases where there is no mandatory requirement in the protocol or the necessary documents are not completed.  The petition for divorce sample we share helps you to prepare an error-free contractual divorce protocol.

Another type of divorce is a contested divorce. In this divorce, there are disagreements between the spouses. These disagreements are about issues such as joint child custody, alimony fees, property division.

What is a 102 divorce in Louisiana?

When spouses in Louisiana decide to have an uncontested divorce, they file for divorce under section 102 or section 103(1) of the Louisiana Civil Code. According to article 102 of this civil law, the spouses must live separately and separately at different addresses for 180 days for the divorce to be finalized.

Petition for divorce meaning

Thee divorce petition is the first official document that one or both spouses submit to the court to end their marriage. This document can indicate the grounds for divorce, disagreements and other claims of the spouses.

The petition can be written by any of the parties, or it can be created by the lawyer of one of the parties. In order not to lose any rights during the lawsuit, it is necessary to select the petition sample carefully. There are many divorce petition sample. divorce petition by mutual consent, joint petition for divorce ma, sample petition for recognition of foreign divorce philippines, petition for divorce by mutual consent format are a few of them.

What does a petition for divorce look like?

The best answer to the question “What does a petition for divorce look like?” are the examples we share in this post. You can use these examples in courts in different cities or states by making the necessary arrangements. We do not guarantee up-to-dateness of the petition samples we share. Therefore, compare the up-to-dateness of the petition samples you receive from different websites.

Joint petition for divorce

There are two types of divorce cases. These are uncontested divorce and contested divorce. In uncontested divorce cases, both parties agree on the terms of the divorce. They indicate the issues they agree on in the contracted divorce protocol. This protocol is submitted to the court with joint divorce petition. Uncontested divorce cases do not take long because both parties want it.

Petition for divorce by mutual consent format

You can edit the joint divorce petition sample for divorce cases in different states. In general, the same information and procedures apply to these petitions. For example, you can fill out a joint petition for divorce MA according to the court in a different city or state.

Petition for divorce by mutual consent format will help you to create a good petition for your uncontested divorce case.

As, we make sure that the petition samples we share are up-to-date. However, you may not be able to find the petition sample you are looking for according to your needs among hundreds of petition samples. You can share with us the petition you need for both your divorce cases and other cases. Our other visitors may also need the same petition sample.

You can write the petition sample you need as a comment under our posts. Or you can reach us on our Contact Us page. does not charge for the petition samples it shares. All of our samples are  free of charge and without membership.

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