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We can express the meaning of the petition in different ways. The first of these is a signed and addressed letter, with or without a stamp. The petitioner submits to official authorities to express his/her wish. In another definition, we can say that the petition of right definition government is a legal subject’s wish, demand, supply, request, objection or complaint to another legal subject.

Petition of Right Definition

The right of petition relates to individuals themselves or to public affairs. People state their troubles, problems, complaints and injustices to the authorities individually or collectivelly. So, the right of petition is a comprehensive human right with different excuses. And, it is the oldest method of managing and establishing relations although it is not under the name of human right.

What Was The English Petition of Right

First, article 61 of the Magna Carta (Great Edict) of 1215 mentions petition of right definition government of barons to the King. In 1669, the House of Commons considered it a natural right for anyone who complains about anything in England. People began to present their complaints to the House of Commons.

What Did The English Petition of Rights Do?

According to the Bill of Rights of 1689, it is the petition of right definition government the King. They King cannot punish  because of these petitions. After the United States Constitution in 1787, the Bill of Rights is published in 1791 and the basic rights of citizens are in it. The right to petition is one of the most important of those rights.

Why is Petition of Right important?

The right to petition is the right of individuals to submit their wishes and complaints. They can be relevant to personal or public issues. The petition right  is not a favor provided by the government. Because the constitution gives this right. Anybody cannot prevent the use of this right, even the king. The most prominent of the obstacles is that the public officials do not accept the petition given arbitrarily.

The petition of right is a requirement of democracy in terms of contributing to the participation of the citizen.  This right provides the opportunity to be informed about government actions to citizens. For this reason, the exercise of this right is very important for the development of democracy.

Citizens can submit to different relevant authorities for various reasons. However, there is some information that should be included in all petitions.

1. Name and Surname of Petitioner
2. Signature of the petitioner
3. Date
4. Clear understandable address. (Residence or Business )
5. The petition should contain a certain subject and the essence of the petition. It should be brief in the subject section.

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