Petition for Review


Petiton for review is a letter or form requesting an authority to review the decisions taken before. Petitions for review are most common in courts. It describes a request for reconsideration of a decision taken by the court. In addition to the courts, this type of petition can be for other official institutions. For example, reviewing the approval status in patent and trademark applications starts with this petition example. However, we provide information about petition to review for court decisions and share examples in this post.

Petition for Judicial Review

Reviewing the decisions taken by courts means judicial review. A review petition is a formal request to review and amend the decision. Parties seeking an appeals review of their cases may submit a formal letter for review to a court of competent jurisdiction. In United States federal courts, the term “review petition” is also used to describe petitions seeking review of federal agency orders or actions.

Petition for Review Sample

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The dictionary meaning of review is ‘to examine or rework’. So, the reconsidiration of the decision is to re-examine or examine the facts and judgment of the case. The request for review of court decisions has certain provisions.

Petitions are one of the most basic human rights. In fact, there is no specific form or standard for petitions. However, the most important factor to be considered in legal petitions is the procedure.  The petition for reconsideration that you will file for reviewing the court’s final decision is the first step for the court to change its decision. This petition is usually submitted to the superior court. As we mentioned before, this petition has a procedure just like other judicial petitions. If you do not know each of these procedures, you can get help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer who can help you, you can write a petition for reconsideration yourself.  The petition for review sample we share under this title may help you. You can file your petition yourself by referring to this example.

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