Petition to Appeal


An appeal is the remedy provided to the parties of a criminal case for the legal re-examination of the provisions of the court of appeal. Essentially, an appeal is a new type of case filed in a superior court. With an appeal, the parties request the decision of the court The parties request the change of the former court’s decision by appeal. The first step in this request is to file a petition to appeal. In this post, we give information about the appeal court and how to file an appeal petition.

Petition for Allowance of Appeal

The appellate review of the decisions of the criminal chambers of appeal is carried out by a higher court. In order to appeal the decision of the case, it is necessary to be a party of the case. The defendant in a case has the right to appeal because he is a party to the case.  The defendant may exercise his right to appeal personally within the appeal period. In addition, his legal representatives, lawyer or spouse can appeal on behalf of him. In addition to the defendant, the complainants, victims, and third parties injured by the crime have the right to appeal the decision of the local court. Because they are also parties to the case.

Petition to Appeal Sample

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It is possible to appeal request in favor of or against the defendant.  An appeal is made by filing a Petition of Appeal.  In this letter, you must explain the reasons for the appeal. In the appeal, there is an obligation to state the reasons for the appeal.  The court rejects the appeal if the reason is not stated in the criminal appeal petitions.

You can file this document to the relevant authority by downloading the letter sample in our post and editing the necessary sections.

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