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You will receive your certificate after successfully completing any part of the universities. Receiving the diploma means you have graduated from that school. You pass all the exams, you are not penalized for absenteeism, and you succeed in finishing the last class. However, there are some steps you need to take to get the diploma. One of these steps is the petition to graduation. You can fill your own petition with the graduation petition sample that we share in the article.

Petition to Graduate Meaning

This is a necessary first step in the graduation process. As students approach their graduation date, Registrar’s Office initiate the inspection process.

Graduation petition shows that you don’t overlook or misunderstand graduation. Also, It isĀ  important that you understand how your courses comply with department, college and university guidelines.

Many universities have similar steps to complete and submit this document. Students must submit it to the University’s Registrar’s Office. You can also see the application deadline for graduation on the website of the Registrar’s Office. Don’t miss the deadline. Otherwise, it may delay your graduation.

If you plan to graduate early, you can submit your petition one year before your expected graduation date. However, this may not be true for all universities.

Petition for Graduation

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As we state above, the procedure for submitting a petition for graduation, which is applied in many universities, is similar. Therefore, we can provide information about the common steps of submitting a petition for graduation.

1.Fill out the online application. (If available)
You can fill out the petition online on the Registrar’s Office website. But this may not be available on every university website. Instead, you can print out, scan the document and upload it to the system.

  1. Send the petition department or program in which you hold a major, minor or certificate

One of the purposes of the graduation petition is to make sure you have completed or have a plan to complete all your certificate requirements.

Eeach department or program will review your petition. So, this process is part of the process and may require consultation with your advisor.

  1. After approval, you need to act!

You will receive an e-mail telling you to log in again. So you can send your graduation petition to the Registrar’s Office for review, or to add additional requirements and repeat. Because, your petition does not complete its final examination until you submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

In this article, we provide information about the petition for graduation. But remeber that this procedure may differ from university to university. The start and end dates of the petition submission dates may differ. It may also vary whether the petition will be filled online or published. In this article, we only write about the common steps of this process. So You can get the most detailed information about your graduation petition from the Registrar’s Office.

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